Dec 2010 - Jul 2018

Lighthouse Insights(LI) started as a blog in 2010 to cover the Indian social media marketing industry. In 2011 my co-founder(Vinaya) and I decided to run it like a startup. For the next eight years, LI covered Indian digital marketing.

We decided to close our bootstrapped startup in 2018. It wasn’t a cash positive business.

I failed.

Sept 2019 - Present

I once again pick up LI. Not as a startup but as an independent blog. Writing gives me peace.

However, I have stopped writing about the Indian digital marketing. It is boring and a big fluff.

Today the online fundraising world for nonprofit excites me. I write and work in the field as an independent digital strategy consultant.

Things you should know

  • LI is an independent blog and I don’t get paid for the stories in any form

  • No news/press releases, and

  • I value my readers time and data

If you have any feedback or consulting opportunity then please email me at (

Peace be with you,

Prasant Naidu.