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10/11/2019 | Lighthouse Insights Newsletter | Issue 05

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A young woman wants to go out for a run in the wee hours of Gurgaon. We will call her crazy, won’t we? When a pregnant woman wants to run, we will mostly have thoughts like - has she gone mad why is she risking her child? The problems are the same whether you live in Gurgaon or Mumbai or Kolkatta.

Why she is running, what will she achieve and the endless judgment?

When you are women the questions are more but it is inspiring to see women going out and doing what makes them happy and confident. If you want to understand how women runners are slowly changing the perception of distance running in India then watch the Netflix documentary Limitless - how 8 women from different parts of India and societies have re-discovered themselves by committing to running.

Gender discrimination is all over the globe. Japan, the third-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the land which gave the origins to Sumo - a form of full-contact wrestling has never encouraged women from competing professional Sumo. Starting as early as the 18th century a form of female sumo or onnazumo was performed in some areas of Japan. In the cities it was more of a spectacle often associated with brothels.

Imagine in such environments a young girl has taken up the professional sport in Japan and is fighting against the discrimination. 20-year-old Kon Hiyori, also known as Little Miss Sumo has an endearing support from her mother. Netflix has an eye-opening documentary on her, go ahead and watch it(I find Kon cute).

For me, both the stories are inspiring. It is not what you do but what is the larger objective. I am not preaching to you to start running or practice martial arts. Irrespective who of who you are, do what makes you happy, figure out what works for you and give your best.

It is one life, find your own journey and write your story. 

Now that I have given you enough gyaan, now time to look at the last week’s stories from Lighthouse Insights.

LI stories from the last week

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who was recently in Nigeria is on a roll these days. Did you check out his tweet after Facebook decided to rebrand itself as FACEBOOK? 

Earlier last month just before Facebook’s Q3 earning’s report, Jack tweeted that Twitter won’t be supporting political ads on its platform. Obviously, the limelight moved away from Facebook to Twitter, since Facebook has decided not to fact check any political ads on its system even if it meant false information getting popular. It is a courageous move, even though the effect won’t be massive. A fact that even Jack acknowledges.

However, will it have an impact on India? The move won't have an impact on India as political parties are spending on Google and Facebook.

Read more on what it means to Indian political parties and how influencers will become your new advertisers. Story link.

Facebook problems are growing every day. In the U.S. it is battling the media and the growing popularity of TikTok. In the U.S. it is playing a strategy to create government roadblocks for the Chinese app but in India, it is going regional. Facebook-owned Instagram recently launched Born On Instagram a program to connect with regional content creators and influence shopping on its platform. However, Instagram’s move is also the Indian strategy to compete with TikTok’s #EduTok program.

Read more to find out how Instagram is giving a stiff competition to TikTok in India. Story link.

And finally, the Indian Advertising is talking about one of its age-old problem plagiarism. Ogilvy taking Vivo and Dentsu Impact to the court for a disputed ad and Matheno Films sending legal notice to Citibank India are a bold and rational move. However, the behavior won’t change so soon.

Read more to find out if there is a solution and what role does ASCI and AAAI are playing to deal with such problems. Story link.

That’s all for this week. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. Read the newsletter when you have time, no stress :)

Keep smiling and do whatever makes you happy ;)

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